About the CrossNet Baptist Network

A Greeting From Our Director of Missions...

I would like to thank you for taking time to get informed about the work of the CrossNet Baptist Network. I am often asked several questions about our work. Let me take a few moments to share what I feel like our Mission, our Vision, and our Values are.

— Rev. Phil Taylor


What is our biblical purpose for existing? What do we propose to do?

The CrossNet Baptist Network is a network of Southern Baptist Churches committed to glorifying God by leading the people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and resource the saints for ministry.


What is the ultimate end for our mission? A photograph of the future……

We are working toward a day when every person in every community in our area will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel, respond with faith in Christ, and participate in a New Testament fellowship of believers.


What will be our non-negotiable priorities on which the entire associational structure and activity will be based?

  • Prayer and Spiritual Awakening (Preparing the sower, harvester, and soul) Matthew 9:38 – Pray the Lord of the harvest to send our laborers.
  • Marketing and Advertising (Broadcasting the seed) Mark 4:26 – The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground.
  • Strengthen Churches (Strengthening the farmers, sowers, and harvesters) Luke 8:15 – The ones that fell on good ground are those who …… keep it and bear fruit.
  • Missionary Mobilization (Development of sowers and harvesters) John 4:37 – One sows and another reaps.
  • Evangelism Projects and Support (Equipping and deploying sowers, and harvesters.

John 4:35 – Look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest.


Phil Taylor Director of Missions

Phil Taylor began his ministry with CrossNet Baptist Network (formally the Bradley Baptist Association) on August 9, 1999. He is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Phil is a 1982 graduate of University of the Cumberland’s in Williamsburg, Kentucky. He received his Master of Divinity from Southeastern Theological Seminary in 1985. Phil, with his wife Peggy alongside, served previously in Ohio and Virginia as a Senior Pastor. Phil gives leadership to the overall direction of our network.

Randy Bonner Director of Church & Community Ministries

Randy is a missionary with the North American Mission Board and Ministry Evangelism Director for the CrossNet Baptist Network, Cleveland, Tennessee where he has served since November, 2001. He mobilizes over 2,000 volunteers each year in local & national mission work through ministries such as Ocoee Outreach, Project Helping Hands, Disaster Relief, LateNight Basketball Outreach, The Help Network, Community Evangelistic Outreach Events & more. Randy also has opportunities to speak at several leadership and mission conferences and other church settings throughout the year.


Natalie Burns Ministry Assistant/Clerk

Natalie Burns is a business enthusiast and paralegal with a B.S. degree in Organizational Management from Covenant College. She has been the right-hand assistant to lawyers, doctors and business owners during her multi-decade career. She counts reading, teaching, decorating and cooking among her myriad of interests. She manages our finances as well as day-to-day ministry operations. If you need help with CrossNet information, feel free to contact Natalie at the office.