Focus Conference

FOCUS Group/Discipleship Conference
Westwood Baptist Church - August 28, 2021

Understand how your work is imperative as we focus on the Great Commission!


9:00 AM - 9:30 AM Opening FOCUS ON THE OBJECTIVE
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM Conference 1, FOCUS on the Work
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Conference 2, FOCUS on the Future

Breakout Sessions (Subject to Change)



  Room Conference Leader 1st Hour: Focus on the Work 2nd Hour: Focus on the Future
Sunday School 101/102 Mark Miller Growth Focus: Overcoming Challenges for Rebuilding Sunday School Church Focus: Seven Steps to Winning Your Harvest Field
Adult 302 Steve Pearson Men Focus: Challenge of Reaching an Teaching Men Evangelism Focus: Leading Group Members to have Gospel Conversations
Adult 304 Ryan Keaton
Young Adult Focus: Making Disciples not Spectators
Millennial Focus: Understanding and Reaching 20-40 Years olds
Adult 300 Rodney Bice Teacher Focus: Guaranteed Ways to Boost Discussion
Youth 306 Jay Barbier
Youth Focus: Tips for Teaching and Engaging Youth
Ministry Focus: Reversing the Decline in Youth Baptisms
Children 301 Vicki Hulsey
Kid Focus: Teaching for Heart Transformation
Family Focus: Leading with a Kingdom Mindset
Preschool 303 Donna Blaydes
Preschool Focus: Fun Ways to lead Preschoolers to learn
Bible Focus: Getting Boys, Girls, Men, and Women engaged in Reading the Bible
Special Needs 307 Natalee Barbier Family Focus:  Providing for Children, Youth, and Adults with Special Needs
Community Focus: Impacting Families of children with Special Needs
Discipleship 300 Paul Davis
  Discipleship Focus: Discipleship is vital to Church Revitalization: Moving Forward from COVID
Discipleship 305 Andrew Slay
D-Group Focus: Facilitating discussion using sermon application in Discipleship (d-groups)
Discipleship 305 Adam Hammond
  Mission Focus: Discipleship to Missions: Outward Focus
Family 100 Dr. Shane Brown
Family Focus: Let's Talk About Family Ministry: One Church's Perspective
Teaching 100 Adam Stroud/Neil Harper
  Discipleship Focus: Practical Christian Teaching for the Future: Encourage Bible study leading to Spiritual Growth