Washington, DC Partnership

In October 2014, the CrossNet Baptist Network began exploring partnering with SEND DC Church Planters, Zack Bekele (Gilgal Ethiopian Church) and Zack Randles (Waterfront Church). At our Spring Missions Gathering held at First Baptist Cleveland on April 12th, 2015, God confirmed His blessing on our  partnership through a vote of our partnering churches. Our DC partnership will be based on the Three “P”s of Prayer, People and Provisional support.

PRAYER SUPPORT (1 Thess. 5:17)
No partner is more important than prayer partners. Planting a church is a big deal. Satan does not want the work to succeed. Church planters and their leadership team will face immense spiritual warfare from the very first day they set foot in DC.  One of the things we heard over and over again during our DC Vision trips was the need for prayer support and personal encouragement when it comes to walking alongside a church planter.  Our prayer partnership will grow through our developing relationships with these 2 church planters.

God has already shown that He is placing SEND DC on the hearts of His people, here at home, across America and the world. During our partnership with SEND DC, mission teams will be needed for outreach through servant projects/acts of kindness, one on one relationship building through ESL, personal evangelism, outreach to children and sports programs, light construction, block parties, community needs and more.  

SEND DC Church Planters are in need of financial assistance to be able to open their doors and keep there doors open to impact the vast darkness of DC with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We desire to come alongside the work of the Gilgal Ethiopian Church and the Waterfront Church in providing financial assistance over the course of our partnership.

We are asking each CrossNet church to prayerfully consider the amount of  provisional support they can provide to our partnering Church Planters in 2015 and beyond. In particular, Zack Bekele is in the process of raising his support and will need to know soon how the BBA will be able to support him. We are setting a goal of $30,000 to support both Pastor Zack Bekele and Pastor Zack Randles in 2015. We already have $12,000 pledged and are seeking an additional $1,000 per partnering church to be given by the end of 2015.


• 5,809,698 live in metro DC, the 7th largest metro area in the nation.
• 55.7% are unaffiliated with any religious body.
• 12.4% are affiliated with an evangelical church.
• Diversity: 49% White, 26% Black, 14% Hispanic, 10% Asian.
• 632,323 live in Washington, D.C., proper.  
• The population number doubles during the day.

• Average per capita income is over $55,000 per year. (Higher than any of the 50 States.)
• 19% of Washington, D.C. residents live below the  poverty line. (Only Mississippi is higher)
• 39.1% of Washington, D.C., residents over the age of 25 have a bachelors degree or higher.
• There 70 cooperative SBC churches in 1900, 7 in 1990, now there are only 3.
• Washington, DC is a megaphone to the rest of the country.