About the Church Planters and their Churches

Zack Randles spent most of his life in Texas, but he has very deep roots on the east coast. Zack graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in sociology. After college, Zack met his wife, Autumn, who loves serving alongside him in ministry. They have been working together in full-time ministry for over a decade. They have three children, Landree, Jack, and Harper.

  • Waterfront is one of only three SBC churches currently in the DC area. Waterfront is just a mile from the capital building
  • Waterfront had 84 people on launch day. As of April, 2017, they were averaging 230 in Sunday Morning Worship, many those are children.
  • Waterfront had over 300 people in attendance on Easter Sunday (2017) as a direct result of our CrossNet mission teams.
  • Averaging more than 190 in small groups
  • 180 individuals have attended membership classes and joined the church
  • 192 individuals are attending 16 discipleship small groups each week.
  • 37 adults have been baptized (43 total) (April, 2017)
  • Waterfront launched a second service September 2016; a third service is now being prayed over.
  • In their current location, it costs $110,000/year for their  space.  It costs $1250 a week for four hours of services.
  • Waterfront needs $180,000/yr for a store front location. That  translates to a need for five year partners at $70,000/year for the next five years
  • Recently signed a 10-year lease next door to house their growing Children's Ministry


Zack Bekele was born in Ethiopia but has been in the U.S. for eight years. At age 14 while living in Ethiopia, he was introduced to Christ and discipled by one of our IMB Missionaries.  Zach moved to Washington, D.C., with his wife, Hannah, and two sons, Joshua and Joseph, in August of 2015 to start a new church among the vast Ethiopian population of Washington, D.C.

  • Washington DC is the 2nd largest Ethiopian city in the world. More than 400,000 registered Ethiopians live in DC.
  • There is no SBC evangelical church for this large people group.
  • 99.5 percent of Ethiopians in DC are from the Coptic Church but are blinded by demonic power.
  • Coptic Ethiopians mix Christianity with traditions and teach a prosperity Gospel. They do not see salvation in Christ alone. Underground Coptic movement discipling 10 believers (April, 2017)
  • Launched September, 2015; now with 25 members
  • 60 Ethiopians attending Sunday School or a discipleship group weekly
  • Our desire is to be a multiplying church so in the next five or ten years  we want to plant at least four or five churches.
  • A next generation church for the lost young Ethiopians who don’t understand their parents culture is also planned.
  • 4 discipleship groups meeting in three cities. Groundwork being laid for a new church plant in Silver Springs, Maryland, in 2018.