Cernavodă, Romania



June 22- July 2, 2016


Comments About Previous Trips

The Bradley Baptist Romania Mission Trip of 2014 affirmed the great need for people to experience a personal relationship with Jesus. It was also worthwhile to enable our students to see international missions firsthand and gain a love for missions. Finally, our presence served to encourage the International Mission Board missionaries and local Christian leaders. I especially encourage all Bradley County Pastors to pray about participating in this ministry.—Dr. Jay McCluskey

I was humbled that the Mighty God and Creator of all things could work through me, an imperfect, flawed person. It was just a reminder of how perfect and loving He is and just how greatly He can work through a flawed vessel if you are willing. It is nothing I do, but Christ through me.—Kelsey Morton (RN Nurse)

This mission trip has taught me to show love to those who are different than myself; that's the love of Jesus. I have chosen to go back to Romania because God has called me to this place, and to share this great love with these beautiful people. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and let God use you!—Kenzie Terry (College Freshman)

It was an eye-opening to a world most of us have never seen. I see poverty everyday with my job. But how blessed we are in America with an abundance of resources. That was not the case in Romania! Now that we have been to Romania and see the needs and conditions of specifically the Roma people. I can not wait to return with a deep-passionate desire to bring Christ to them and the hope that He brings!—Laura Moore (Bradley County Health Department)

God truly revealed Himself to me during the 2014 Romania Mission trip. He allowed my eyes to be opened so that I could see the poverty and how overwhelmingly blessed I am. This trip was a dream come true. I never would have thought I could travel across the world to serve my Lord and Savior. He is still working in my life today and I pray for the Romanian people that God would touch their lives in such a way.—Lee Young  (Walker Valley Sophomore)

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