Teams needed for Flood Recovery Response in Eastern KY.

From Disaster Relief:

Teams needed for Kentucky!

Tennessee has been ask to set up Flood Recovery operations in Emmalena KY.  We will be operating out of Camp Nathaniel.  I will try and go up tomorrow to check out what the conditions are at the camp and in the area.

We will need to set up an IMT to run the operation.  We will also need a feeding crew.  We may be asked to not only feed the volunteers but also some people around the area.  There is housing at the camp and a commercial kitchen.  We are awaiting more information on what will be needed in that area.

We know we will also need Flood Recovery, Assessment, and Chaplains.  If you can put together a team that could come next week, let me know as soon as possible.  Email me at and also copy when you have gathered a team.  If you do not have a team to go with and would be willing to join together with another team, please send me your name, email, phone and when you would be available to go.  I will then try to join you with a team that is going.  You can call me (Wes) at 712-253-4408.