As an association, we are blessed to have many different churches of different shapes and sizes. Over the years, the impact of all of the churches has been felt and appreciated by the association and community.

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that numbers don’t have anything to do with impact.

Thompson Springs Baptist Church averages around 50 members, but its impact can be felt throughout the country, not just their community. Over the years, they have partnered with CrossNet Baptist Network in many capacities, with mission trips and service. A member of Thompson Springs Baptist Church often serves on the Ministry Development Team of CrossNet, helping steer the mission drive of the association.

The church itself is very mission-focused. Recently, they held a yard sale and chili cook-off to raise money for missions. They have gone on CrossNet mission trips to Washington DC and New York City, and through those, they established their own partnerships and returned on their own.

However, their biggest focus is mission work in our community. Thompson Springs partners with many local ministries, like New Hope Pregnancy Care Center, with fundraising and volunteer work. On Christmas morning, members of Thompson Springs do something very special.

“We go to the emergency shelter and make pancakes and eggs to order, and biscuit and gravy with all the fixings,” said Cindy Teague, Pastor Kevin Teague’s wife. They have done this for several years, and they believe they have been blessed by this event, more than staying home and spending time with the new trinkets from Christmas ever could.

They have Vacation Bible School during the summers and do classes for ages 3-18. They host teams for Ocoee Outreach, as well as cooking/preparing lunches, running equipment, and providing office support. This year, they will host four teams over four weeks. Thompson Springs partners with Taylor School, and on August 1, they will be sponsoring Popsicles in the Pavilion for them.

Thompson Springs Baptist Church is not the only “small” church that is active. It is one of many. We are blessed to have so many active churches in our association, and it is an encouragement to see them all work for the Kingdom. The misconception that numbers make impact possible is a debilitating mindset- one that has to change. Thompson Springs has a huge impact and is always active, working for the glory of God. It is not our only church.

Our churches are growing. People are coming back to church. Let that carry you and encourage you, whether your church has two or 2000 people, it can, should, and will make an impact for the Kingdom of God.