Disaster Relief


For the latest on our Disaster Relief efforts as well as more information on past projects, please visit our blog.

Churches of the CrossNet Baptist Network have been partnering together to form response teams that can answer the call for help when disaster and crisis situations strike. Since 2002, Our Teams have responded over 90 times to disaster situations. Volunteer crews have participated in chainsaw and recovery, mass feeding, rebuild and chaplain ministries. 

 Our DR Teams have responded to hurricanes, flooding, tornados, ice storms in New Orleans, Gulfport, MS., Buffalo, Virginia Beach, Oklahoma, Florida, New Hampshire, New York, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina & Maryland. In 2005, 13 teams responded to Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma & Rita. Two teams journeyed to South Asia in respond to the devastating tsunami. We also made trips to Haiti since the 2010 earthquake.

We are better together. During the disasters of 2011 CrossNet Baptist Network partnering churches showed up. Once again our partnering churches are on the front lines being the hands and feet of Jesus. Cleveland/Bradley County EMA Director Troy Spence praised our efforts from 2011 and today. Spence said, “Because of the combined work of volunteers through CrossNet we saved our local government $750,000.” Let’s band together as one team. Help us track your volunteer hours. Call 423-476-5493 CrossNet Office.