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Past mission trips have included such diverse locations as Mexico, Peru, Haiti, Siri Lanka, Poland, Ukraine,
Netherlands, South Africa, Nepal, Armenia, Ecuador, Salvador and Brazil.

Guatemala Mission Trip

CrossNet Baptist Network is planning a trip to Guatemala in October from the 5th to the 12th. This will be an associational-wide trip, and we hope it will be the beginning of a partnership with the people and churches of Guatemala. Pastor Joe White will be leading our...

Spiritual Preparation

CrossNet Baptist Network/IWC projects are intentional about sharing Christ with others. Participants must be able to talk about their faith in Christ and also serve as a living example. People associate your behavior, attitude and character with that of Jesus. Becoming like Christ—being conformed to Him in mind, in faith and in action—will not happen during a Bible study cram session the week before your trip. It takes time, discipline and your willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart and shape you into the image of Christ.

Ministry Preparation

Our Ministry Coordinator will work with the IMB Missionaries to develop a ministry plan and help groups and individuals prepare for the ministry at the project. Preparation may include prayer-walking, learning a skit, practicing songs in the native language of the people group, bringing certain tools or materials and learning a particular way to share the Gospel.

Personal Evangelism

One of the most significant elements of spiritual readiness for the mission field is your preparation for evangelism. You should be ready to share not only about what God has done in your life in the past but also about what God is doing in your life in the present. You should be able to share a brief testimony about how you became a Christian, the impact of faith on your life and the plan of salvation in less than five minutes. We will assist participants with a popular evangelism approach before leaving for the project.


Take Jesus Christ’s words in John 15:5 to heart. Apart from Him, you can do nothing of eternal significance. He longs to work through you, but you must be with Him every day, surrendering your will, seeking His face. Prayer is your source of power, strength and boldness. It will be the foundation on which your ministry on the mission field will be built. Build prayer and prayer support into your mission trip.

Money Matters

International missions is not cheap, but it’s worth the price.  Family and student ministry budgets are often tight and tough choices have to be made about programs and ministry options. Consider these suggestions:
  • Consider involving the whole church in your mission project planning, and plan in advance as it takes time to budget and raise funds. Help them see it as an investment and a priority.
  • Leaders, remember it’s not how many you take, but who you take. Don’t forgo a project just because you can’t take as many as you want.
  • Plan as far in advance as possible. It takes time to budget and raise funds appropriately. IWC provides detailed preparation materials that help you think through every aspect of the trip and share information with your church and supporters.